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scribblings in the dark
tonight i declare war on the uppercases
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10th-Jul-2015 12:05 pm - all spillage
up to the castle sides she wanted to ask how they had gotten inside so quickly like ghosts through the bricking cracks but already the distance was so great it bled against and came back with nothing. so the day went along without her, through the way of sun carrying quickly that was so light it did not notice how one had fallen out of the basket on the afternoon it passed through that hilltop, and the pool of bright girl sank down into the buckets and wept.
9th-Jul-2015 06:34 pm - slugs are born
out of the ears one of the stories came with a little slink to its back, hunched upon its muscles like the catlike thing it tried to pad like through the garbage and into a darker alley than the one made between skulls. perhaps it would have made it as well if the stealth had been for just another bit longer but my partner had enough stories crammed in behind her teeth that it was only a few seconds of succor in the last wishing moments and she stomped quickly.
8th-Jul-2015 10:39 pm - brought an end
the legs stayed and turned in the early shakes way that told her at next rising they would be bringing the gates down with them. all the way from the south they brought the road along, humped on backs like the horses were too skittish to be near it and the wolves sniffed carefully, knowing full well how it was already gone bad at the heart. but for her she did not smell enough and did not trust the pining that always sounded in her ears and just saw the crash it promised, down from the heights of a tower.
7th-Jul-2015 01:11 pm - monkstill
the concept came simply enough to all the scribes in the dark circle of room. it tapped over their shoulders and nodded, touching here and there where the paper had gone dry and pulling back in gross nailwork. perhaps a bit more of the color would not go missing, perhaps a more delicate sound could be threaded through here, the room whispered as it kept circling, threaded in the folio backings and on down to the futures where the room was still there but no one else was, and the words remained to be read without their explanation adjacent.
6th-Jul-2015 07:17 pm - all released
the lake had been buried with a scream to her waters, gone down in shovels and a number of hands to keep her there. i had seen it in the miscolor of a beginning, like the books detailing how to keep the witches away that were sunbleached in the department store window and showed only a few symbols there in the open palms of its pages. recreating them took an age and a rainstorm, enough of them crafted in the sign of wind whipping up the froth and curtains that i had to go out into the city of borrowing weather and down into the doorway where they came cheaply, all to find her out in the mud fields still breathing in the silt and black.
5th-Jul-2015 10:59 pm - wheeled to the end
after the towers arrived there was hardly enough left to be called a war. perhaps some crackling down to the north like the fire had shifted and enough fell together to give a bit more flame but at another change of wind and the foundations looking their way it scatters back into sparks. i smoked long and dark on the peak of our tents, watching with the other bloodstained how the city punched down into the soil with their fingers of bronze and took forces out by the gully, wormpulled in the morning and in the forest, predator like and still pink.
4th-Jul-2015 09:16 am - untouched lands
at the bridge the animals stopped and sniffed at the distance across the river, eyes all bead as they worked out lengths from nose to tail. at the back i clicked the song of a pasture beyond this part of this forest, a spit of something better and greener and without these creeps of thornbush. but the hum of bricks must have been louder, or the waters beneath made such a dampening that they refused to hear.
3rd-Jul-2015 09:43 am - components
the problems can always be returned to their origins, she said to the metals that had all collected like leaves washed along the bank. for the crowd had brought her the remains of their shops and forges and bedside holdings, all the broken swords and chains previously fastened and left behind when the giants came through. with the gentle of a bird mother mending the wings of a forest, the hollow bones that crunched easily, she dipped a hand to the first child and gave him stones and ore and the smell of coal dust, freshly turned from the mines.
2nd-Jul-2015 02:35 pm - a blue promise
at the size in the sky she promised him, before they stepped off into all the blue that streamed a blaze across their eyes, that afterward when the rooms had come back into order and the clouds returned, she would explain all of this to him. whatever you want to hear about how the trees managed to know and move from our path and the mountains bowed in ancient homage rites and the circle continued, i will bring all the time needed and set it out in tallymarks, until you and i are all right once again.
1st-Jul-2015 10:14 am - outpacing the storms
not even with the sound behind her was the time on her side, not even all the fury of a storm booming along as she outpaced and went fast into the underground. for sometimes the planet was just too many miles and she a bundle of mass against the current and there were too many rocks to make a straight path from here to the other side. each swerve made the time stretch a bit longer and the world expand to its observation again, and with each curse they said another word in the sky, approaching the end of the little holding speech.
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