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scribblings in the dark
tonight i declare war on the uppercases
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30th-Jun-2015 08:05 am - billow
unaware of the chasm beneath the three small children swam on, far along the horizon toward the mountain breaking a strange peak out of the sound. we called that a temple, all surrounded by the smoke of depth left from where her makers had scooped and taken one part from the other, and the further out they swam into the blind of ashery trail, the less they could make out of the rising, even if they said to each other we are drawing closer, we must be, why does it withdraw again and again?
29th-Jun-2015 08:18 am - a wonder of fields
awoken in the morning by the scratch of city wall and so i in my fine sundown robe pad out through the darkness of star hallways and down spirals to the sound. like a bell pulled along its enclosed pulleys and chains, the cat at the apex has sent its cries all the way back along the collection of orbits to encounter my own in sleepy eccentricity. so just before the city comes back around and the systems align themselves once again in the order of day, i open the door and let her run free a bit among the stars.
28th-Jun-2015 08:21 am - border checks
so the city wanted to go again and we look among ourselves, to see who would be the one standing at the corner of strange streets and walking at the end of a long trade route with the thousands at the other end, cooing over all the beads and figures available in another marketplace. i built a quick tower for us to fight over and pulled it apart in determination, as if the projects left scattered across the floor were sticks to be measured and compared with who had been chosen.
27th-Jun-2015 09:28 am - anchor
not too many of the islands had returned that day. only the little ones who could not go far in the first place, their sands too short to venture into deep water and their vegetation trembling at the thought. but the spits were numerous and still missing at nightfall when the ocean went black and crowded and shouted out in its unseen waves for engagings at anything that crashed through the tides, while she could only worry and hug her lines close.
26th-Jun-2015 07:57 am - transfusion
the freight laid in the sheets and tangles of the yard, all squirming because the sun was too high already and still no water had been brought to wet down the tracks. in our throats we tried to say something like the first roar of an engine, but with the boys still asleep and only a few soldiers walking around--none of whom would run to the well and help us--there was no story to be given and no tears to be cried.
25th-Jun-2015 11:01 am - no stories to save
out of the throne came the snake of magic and reared back on the coils of a size that made the little band of acolytes drop into their prayer shieldings, asking none of the blessings that spoke of these things. for the carriers had warned them that sometimes the stones would become their own ideas and the bindings that strapped the witch to her royalty broke of their own strange accords, only put back after they had lashed at the wonder of freedom.
24th-Jun-2015 11:52 am - the wrinkles
made to be broken down into the cubes of her eyes, the monster held three or four between the fingers of its children stretching and let them ripple around in the shaft of sunlight. i have never seen the way of colors like it has here, she said in the branching talk of her cylindrical mouth and all groaning lilt, as if the valley and mountain wanted to share the earth between them and so the river spread against the banks and grinned and tried to keep its skin from splitting.
23rd-Jun-2015 08:53 am - cleaned out
the cracks that were left in the line meant worms, and the worms meant that at the top of the hill where all the clans should have been shield to shield one gripped so tightly that the leather binding with its story of grandfathers who had sworn by its shower of blood, the red leather cracked open and gnawed and fell hard. in that like a barrel unstoppered, the whole of the valley pushed hard, and the pressure forced through necks and youth.
22nd-Jun-2015 10:18 am - crackdown
at the shudder of the walls she grabbed what she could and cursed that the atomic had woken up so quickly. had it given her another minute, another tick of decay, there would have been a ghost where she stood and the night back where it belonged, but instead all of the functions had gone early like the crack of glass worked down from the lip of the glass and broken while still being clutched in the hand. so she scrambled, held her breath, thrashed in the lion of darkness.
21st-Jun-2015 09:58 am - rain off the fur
how she managed to get this close to the camp all the blades could only guess at, for one of the watch or lines or wandering bundles of arrows should have seen or at least been heard. but no, she strode without the fear of the other dogs of her kind all the way through the clashing fences and spikes we had made from the thornhang and the barricades slotted by fresh split together. across the herald field and up toward the camp proper, toward our smell and outstretched hands, toward our laughter.
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